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We always keep our ears to the ground to understand more about people’s behaviour and what it means for research.

5 Reasons Why Big Data Needs Research


When I first started working as a researcher in a big advertising agency, one of my jobs was to ‘mine the data’.  I always wanted to reply ‘what am I looking for?’ but assumed I should know. Today’s companies, especially those operating in the digital arena, have access to increasing amounts of data – plus […]

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All sales are equal...but are some sales more equal than others?


The success story of ASOS, who recently announced an impressive 18% jump in half year pre-tax profits, is no surprise to anyone shopping for clothes online (which surely is all of us isn’t it?). The one stop fashion retailer now stocks over 850 brands and have super-nifty search tools meaning they take the vast choice […]

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Behavioural Economics... isn't it what good market researchers have been doing all along?


After the recent MRS conference, the Behavioural Economics sessions were followed by lots of comments on Twitter saying: “Isn’t this what market researchers have been doing all along?” Our answer to them is yes and no. Qualitative research has always sought to get to people’s subconscious motivations via techniques, such as ethnography and via projective […]

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The London riots and Herd Behaviour.


As the riots spread throughout London and the rest of the country last night, I grabbed my editions of Herd to see what it held to explain behaviour such as this. In the book, author Mark Earls talks about how people’s behaviour can be influenced by a “system that is primed”. A great example he gives […]

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