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We always keep our ears to the ground to understand more about people’s behaviour and what it means for research.

Why would anyone shop at TK Maxx?


‘Why Would Anyone Shop At TK Maxx?’ is the latest winner of the Thinkboxes award for TV ad creativity (you can watch the ad at the bottom of this post). Created by Wieden and Kennedy, the quirky, humorous ad is designed to reframe people’s prejudices they might have about the brand. One of the thing […]

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Standing firm in times of uncertainty


The IPA has just released the first part of a new series about marketing effectiveness in the digital era. Called ‘Media In Focus’, there are some interesting though worrying data in it. On the one hand, marketers have revised their budgets up, now standing at their highest growth rate in ten years (to +22.7%). On […]

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Lunchtime Choices - A Monkey See STOG (storyboard blog)


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10 Top Tips for Researching Your Customers


Customer databases are an extremely helpful resource, allowing insight into why customers behave as they do. They enable you to understand why certain people exhibit certain behaviours – which would be harder to find out any other way. However, when undertaking research on a client database, there are ten things you must remember: Check that you […]

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